Smarter debt for smarter gains

Your home loan structure could have a significant impact on your overall finances, as well as your on-going tax obligations, and therefore needs careful consideration. Our customised commercial lending services can help business owners seeking more competitive home loan rates, with specialist finance that other lending providers just can’t compete on.

Meridian’s Tax Effective Home Loan Conversion

Smarter property structures through tax effective strategies enable you to pay off debt quicker, while leveraging the equity in your property to support your investment portfolio. Our service for business owners ensure your loan is structured to become completely tax effective.

Invaluable industry insight

Our consultants provide lending advice that goes above and beyond what you would receive from a bank manager or mortgage broker, and our specialist commercial lending expertise gives us the insight to more effectively link your property loan structure with your overall financial strategy.

If you’d like to discuss how you can achieve a tax effective property loan, get in touch to talk further with one of our team.

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